—–Official Announcement—–
A meeting took place on the 3 May 2020 with members of the NZGP Drivers Club and Hydro Thunder event organisers to discuss the viability of running the 2021 UIM Grand Prix Hydroplane World Championship.
At the conclusion of this meeting the decision was made to postpone the event until 2022 due to the current events happening around the world.
The impact of COVID-19 on international travel and the financial strains at this point is an unknown and we feel in the best interest of the event and the sport that postponing will only make it stronger.
We would like to ensure that there are no barriers that will prevent overseas entries from making the journey to what will be a great event.
We are currently putting together a proposed programme for the up and coming Hydro Thunder GP Hydroplane Series in the hope that we are clear to race and are able to give the fans both here in NZ and around the world a good show leading to the 2022 World event.
On behalf of the NZGP Drivers Club and the Hydro Thunder events team, thank you for your understanding and we look forward to updating you on our proposed calendar.
For any further enquiry please contact denise@accelerationonwater.co.nz

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