Race Program Taupo 24-25-26th January 2020

Thursday: Boats can be parked at Yacht Club from 3pm

Security on site Thursday-Friday-Saturday and Sunday nights

Friday 24 January 2020 – General Testing from 9am-3pm

Saturday 25 January 2020 

7.00-7.45am – Scrutineering

7.30am – Drivers Briefing

7.45am – Water open for testing

8.20am – Clubman’s

8.30am – North Island Junior’s (heat.1)

8.45am – North Island Clubman’s (heat 1)

9.00am – Mixed Class Racing

9.15am – North Island Grand Prix (heat 1a)

9.30am – North Island Grand Prix (heat .1b)

9.45am – North Island Grand Prix (heat .1c)

10.00am – North Island Superstock (heat.1)

10.15am – Mixed Class Racing

10.30am – North Island Junior’s (heat.2)

10.45am – North Island Grand Prix (heat. 2a)

11.00am – North Island Grand Prix (heat2b)

11.15am – North Island Grand Prix (heat2c)

11.30am – North Island Super stock (heat. 2)

11.45am – North Island Clubman’s (heat. 2)

Everyone off the water by 12.midday NO NOISE because of concert

Sunday 26 January 2020

7.30-8.00 – Scrutineering

8.30am – Drivers Briefing

8.45am – Water open for testing (if required)

9.00am – Junior’s

9.15am – Clubman’s

9.30am – Mixed Class Racing

9.45am – Grand Prix (heat .3a)

10.00am – Grand Prix (heat .3b)

10.15am – Grand Prix (heat.3c)

10.30am – Juniors

10.45am – Clubman’s

11.00am – Mixed Class Racing

11.15am – Juniors

11.30am – Clubman’s

11.45am – Mixed Class Racing

12.00pm – Junior’s

12.15pm – Clubman’s

12.30pm – NZ Offshore Powerboats Race One (half hour)

1.15pm – Mixed Class racing

1.30pm – NZ Offshore Powerboats Race Two (half hour)

2.00pm – Grand Prix Hydroplane – Consolation

2.15pm – Junior’s

2.30pm – Clubman’s

2.45pm – Mixed Class Racing

3.00pm – Joe Robinson Trophy – Grand Prix Hydroplane Final



Smaller classes of the beach in front of the Yacht Club

Cranes: Two cranes will be set up on the grass area in front of the Car Park those been craned will be parked up from Thursday afternoon 3pm onwards.

All others launching are too use the Taupo Marina Boat Ramp.


There will be security onsite overnight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.

 NO Camping onsite: 

The Council have come down heavy on us this year and want NO camping onsite

More updates to come, for further information please do not hesitate to contact

Denise Preece – denise@accelerationonwater.co.nz – Event Organiser

Rod Vennell – rod@accelertiononwater.co.nz – Event & Driver Support

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